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NZ Ch Edenvalley Eadmund (Eddie)

NZ Ch Edenvalley Eadmund

NZ Ch Edenvalley Eadmund ~ pictured at 11 years of age

The following story was written about Eddie by his co-owner Dianne Tyssen in 1989 and has been published many times in New Zealand and overseas. In addition I would like to say that Eddie was a once in a lifetime dog and, we had a once in a lifetime relationship. Sadly he developed spondylitis very rapidly in the latter part of his 11th year and to take away his pain, was put to sleep just prior to his 12th birthday.

Eddie loved puppies and the photo that you see here is with two of the six puppies he sired at the age of 11, this was a common sight, as was the sight of him curled up with our German Shepherd

Eddie with Puppies
Eddie at 11½ years old

Since Dianne wrote this, Eddie produced two more champion children ,other than the ones mentioned, they are two tri boys CH Prestonville Pascali and CH Nidra Kings Ransome (who is one of the puppies in the photo), both boys were co-bred by Dianne and I. He was used very little at stud, possibly because he hit the show ring so emphatically when I began showing him and then of course bringing him out again this time with one eye he caused a bit of a furore amongst some people.

He had three impact matings they were to Aust Ch Elvenhome Tilt which produced A/NZ CH Prestonville Giv'm Beans a seldom used but very influential sire like his father. Beans sired the influential Blenheim's A/NZ CH Elvenhome Glen Buck, Aust CH Gaycrest Giv'm High Marks & A/NZ CH Gaycrest Giv'm Victory - Beans also produced the beautiful half sisters - the Blenheim CH Harwarden Giv'm A Lady, dam of A/Japan CH Prestonville Thorne, US Ch Prestonville Thornbird, A/NZ Ch Prestonville Dream Lady & NZ Ch Harwarden Blossom Lady - and the B/T A/NZ CH Prestonville Giv'm Sade' dam of the specialty BIS winning littermates A/NZ CH Prestonville Blackmoor, NZ CH Glenncar Black Widow and Glenncar Black Velvet.

The second, was to A/NZ CH Braganzar Isadorah B/T , the resulting B/T bitch New Penny of Rocheda mated to the Ruby NZ CH Braganzar Hyperion (Aust) produced A/NZ CH Prestonville Touchwood - Tri, Prestonville Touché - Tri & Aust CH Prestonville Tuchstone - B/T who have all left either Champions or progeny who produced Champions.

The third, was to Old Rowley Briar Rose which produced the tri colour littermates NZ CH Nidra Kings Ransome, CH Prestonville Pascali and Prestonville Rosemaree who has gone on to produce A/NZ CH Nidra Bucksworth, Thai CH Prestonville Worth Wyle, Aust Ch Prestonville Wyle U Wait & US Ch Envison Riverboat Gambler and Nidra Once in a Wyle.

The inter mating of progeny of Tilt, Isadorah & Briar Rose has produced some beautiful dogs such as A/NZ CH Elvenhome Buckthorn, A/NZ CH Prestonville Glengary, US/A/NZ CH Elvenhome Geraldton, CH Prestonville In Y'Dreams.

Oh, to have had the technology in NZ to have taken and stored his semen to have now.

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Edenvalley Eadmund at 10 months
Edenvalley Eadmund at 10 months

  Dedication Is All You Need
  By Dianne Tyssen

  He was a well broken Tricolour dog who stood out amongst his Black/Tan littermates back in April 1980. I first saw him as a 10 month old puppy while staying in Wellington with Diane and Nigel Bettison who imported him from Australia.

Edenvalley Eadmund 'Eddie' to his friends - did very well in his early show career winning Best in Show at Central Cavalier and King Charles Spaniel Club as a junior. Due to the Bettison's buying a business and not being able to put the time into showing their Cavaliers, I was given the opportunity to buy Eddie. Which I did in partnership with Janine King with whom Eddie went to live. Janine and Eddie had a special rapport from the start. With a tail that never stopped wagging, in the following six months Eddie won Best in Show at Otago/Southland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club under Caroline Gatheral 'Kershope' (UK) followed by Best in Show at Canterbury CKCSC under Mrs Gertie Biddle 'Ottermouth' (UK) and his fourth CC and Best of Breed at North Canterbury KA plus many Reserve CC's.

Then tragedy struck - while playing with the pet labrador a tooth caught Eddie's eye and badly damaged it. three of the four muscles holding the eye in place where badly torn. In spite of three weeks of concentrated and skillful work by our Vet, the swelling was not reduced enough to let the eyelid close over the eye and thus keep it lubricated. Although there was vision it was not practical to leave the eye un-lubricated, so the awful decision had to be made - to remove the eye

We consoled ourselves with the fact that Eddie's progeny were now winning in the ring, this included Aust/NZ ChPrestonville Giv'm Beans, Prestonville Of Course and Ch Florin of Leslie,

Edenvalley Eadmund
while B/T daughter Black Penny of Rocheda was producing A/NZ Ch Prestonville Touchwood, Aust Ch Prestonville Tuchstone and Prestonville Touche'.

Janine being the determined lady that she is, decide that even with one eye Eddie was still worthy of his title - so a year after he lost his eye Eddie was back in the ring. This met with a mixed response from "Good on you" - Judges being queried as to why they had put him up - to - "he's the best dog here but I can't put him up with one eye" (Instead that day his son Beans won CC, Best of Breed and Best of Group and ultimately Best in Show) We all celebrated Eddies 'Clayton's' Best in Show win!

But perserverance being the better part of valour... And after many disappointments, winning reserve CC's to his sons Beans and Of Course.. Eddie win Best In Show at Canterbury CKCSC Open show under Breed Specialist David Balfour, CC and Reserve Best of Breed under Dorothy Hatt (one of the first owner/breeders of Cavaliers in New Zealand) CC Best of Breed and reserve Best Toy under Glenda Goller (Aust) CC and Reserve Best of Breed under Trevor Warman (NZ), and finally that magic number eight, the CC, Best of Breed and Reserve Best Toy under Breed Specialist Maureen Boyd. Eddie was now seven and a half years young.

It was exactly six years to the day since winning his first CC and Best of Breed at Central C&KCS Club. It was a very emotional moment for all those who knew around the ringside as a great cheer went up. Apart from being a great personal triumph for Janine and Eddie, it was the first time in New Zealand and possibly the world that a Cavalier with such a handicap had won his championship title. Thank you to all those who had the courage of their convictions and believed in this great little Tricolour dog.

  NZ Ch Edenvalley Eadmund
Whelped : 11/4/1980

Sire: Braganzar Holand - B/T
Dam : Elvenhome Vogue - Blen
Breeder : Mrs D Brewin
Owners : Janine King & Dianne Tyssen